Friday, April 4, 2008

Arizona Weddings

Arizona Weddings Magazine will be coming out with their newest edition this June. As most of you don't know, I am now advertising in that magazine.
One of the fun things about Arizona Wedding Magazine is they dedicate a section in the center of the magazine to some of Arizona's Newest Newlyweds. Well, I finally have chosen the bride and groom I entered for Keator Photography, Steve and Cindy Threadgill. They were married in March this year. As well as all of my brides and grooms, Steve and Cindy were so awesome to work with. I had so much fun shooting their wedding. I have known Cindy for a couple years now and just recently got to know Steve just a bit. They are so sweet for each other. I did already post a few photos from their wedding. Here is the one you will be seeing in the magazine for Newest Newlywed!

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